MISC017E: The Dangers of the Anti-Hadith Group

Excerpt from khutbah in Feb 1998 by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) entitled "THE DANGERS OF THE ANTI-HADITH (INGKAR-AS-SUNNAH) GROUP"

Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, Rahimakumullaah!

In this present day, where the people in this world harps on the slogan they regard as principle; calling for freedom of thoughts and expression with the excuse of maintaining harmonious coexistence; but where too much stressed is placed on relying ONLY on human reasoning and leaving matters to personal whims and desires, our Islam and Faith which we already have within us; which we have planted and nurtured since our childhood; which we hope could be immune to external influence; will be exposed to and be subjected to grave threats.

We are exposed to antagonistic ideas from non-Muslims and enemies of Islam advocating their own ideas and values. But what is most frightening is when contradictory ideas, which tries to undermine Islam and its teachings, comes from those who claim to be Muslims themselves! From those who claim to believe in Allah and the Hereafter; those who outwardly show that they are performing the daily prayers, observing the fast, zakah, hajj and other supererogatory acts of devotions. But these same people, actively tries to undermine Islam by questioning the ways on how Muslim prayers are to be performed. They questioned the rules of fasting and hajj etc.

 They, although without adequate and appropriate knowledge of the Deen, criticize and attack the religion from within, in the guise of intellectualism on the pretext of being 'open-minded'. They chant slogans calling for the removal of the shackle of 'blind imitation'. Calling for the eradication of what they mistook as 'intellectual stagnation'. They act as though they are trying to champion the use of reasoning. And they claim to want to return the use of reasoning to its rightful place as it should be. Reasoning and rationality being the gift of Allah which makes man noble. 

But beware, they would ultimately extend their argument towards wanting to rely only upon the use of pure human reasoning, as the ONLY basis. In their misguided thinking, only by relying on intellectual reasoning ALONE, we Muslims are capable of knowing fully, and can have complete understanding of the teachings in the Qur'an. They advocate that we should not rely on the teachings of prophets and messengers. The would instigate us into discarding all the teachings which have been taught and exemplified by the Prophets, especially of our Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdillah s.a.w. They make blatant accusations saying that all the teachings of Islam today, the commentaries of the Qur'an, are all fabrications invented by traditional Islamic scholars. They shamelessly accuse Islamic scholars to be people who are devoid of rational thoughts. They say that these scholars are people who cling on to stagnant conventions of blind followers of old, that these are people are narrow-minded, archaic and backward. They claim that our Prophet s.a.w. did not practice nor taught his companions these things which our Islamic scholars have taught us. They try to justify their arguments by quoting selective Hadith. But these Hadith which they quoted are some weak narration's (Hadith Dhoif), or reports which have been categorized by our scholars as fabrications (Hadith Maudhu') and therefore cannot be relied upon and could not have come from our Prophet s.a.w. himself.

They cunningly conceal all other authentic reports or Ahadith from our Prophet s.a.w. They purposely ignore reports or Ahadith which have been meticulously checked for their validity to have been genuinely originated from our Prophet s.a.w. It is obvious that their attitude, is the attitude of the enemy of Islam.

They will even try to pick on every single weakness of our scholars, and attack and defame them, whether true or false to them is not important. They try to portray as though these scholars did not possess any goodness, whereas in truth we are very much indebted to the sincere efforts of our Islamic scholars. It is like they try "to criticize even the smallest faults of others, but fails to remove the big specks blocking their own vision."

With the easy access to information today, some of us would already have heard or even read the efforts of the Qadianis and the Anti-Hadith group or Ingkar-asSunnah or other such deviant groups. All of them, although may claim to belong to separate groups, their common aim and approach seems to be the same, and that is to question the position of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. , the Last prophet of Allah s.w.t. The Prophet who is the rightful interpreter and teacher of the Qur'an through his words, deeds and even his noble character. The ways in which they try to disseminate their poison ideas is to utilize, what seems to have come from the Qur'an, but twisted with their own interpretations. Through this method, they hope to lend some credibility, as though they are the up holder of truth. But the truth is these people are astray (Sesat)!

We have to remind every Muslim of the danger of this deviant group (sesat), which seems to hold on to a slogan:

"Glorify only to Allah alone, we should, Prophet Muhammad we shall judge and prosecute, only the teachings of the Qur'an we will obey and execute, and as regarding the Sunnah of Prophet, we don't give a hoot."

Brothers in Islam!

We must beware of their dangerous tactic and their attempts to poison the minds of Muslims. We must warn every Muslim so as not to be taken in by their influence. These people are really the people of Satan and Iblis; the enemy of Allah and of His Prophet s.a.w. and of every Believers. They may try to portray as though they are the defenders of Islam through their 'Websites' in the internet. Their followers claim themselves to be intellectuals, and shamelessly regard themselves as highly educated people, whereas these people are really the enemies of Islam in disguise. Often, they would say that all those who tried to refute them have failed and that many have now followed their group. These are all but lies and deceptions! Merely their cheap and shameless propaganda!

To these people we would like to say: 
"You are just like the unbelievers (kafiruun) who always questions the Prophet s.a.w. Even though Allah strengthened the Prophet s.a.w. with miracles and irrefutable evidence, yet they adamantly refuse to accept the Truth. This is what you have become. Although the evidence is clear as daylight, and we have provided irrefutable proof, yet you disregard them due to your arrogance and stubbornness."

To these people we would like to remind them of what Allah s.a.w. Himself said in Surah An-Nisa verse 115 :
"But as for him who, after guidance has been vouchsafed to him, cuts himself from the Messenger and follows a path other than that of the Believers ­ him shall We leave unto that which he himself has chosen, and shall caused him to endure Hell : and how evil a journey's end!"






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